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Hempy Healthy You is a distributor for a wide variety of Hemp Health and Beauty Products. Follow us on Facebook for Hemp news and sales updates for the products we carry. If you have any questions while browsing the site, feel free to contact us! This is your start to a happier, healthier future with Hemp!

Why Hemp?

Hemp is packed with nutrients that your body requires; simple as that! Hemp seeds contain 33% protein and 35% essential fatty acid, comprised of all 9 essential amino acids. Hemp also contains various micronutrients such as zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and Vitamins A through E!

Unlike other health supplements and proteins, hemp is natural and plant based which is optimal for digestion and absorption of nutrients.


  • "I think that everyone young or old, healthy or not should take the hemp oil supplement! It is everything your body needs to get healthy if you are not or build up your immune system some more if you are! This has changed my life and everyone's life I have introduced it to, no joke. Please try it, do it for YOU!!"
    By : Marion Haag (results may vary)
  • " After just 2 days of use no side effects and amazing results ! I have major hip issues and nerve damage from numerous surgeries for congenital hip dysplasia was very surprised to get almost immediate results . Will definitely refer others to this amazing herb/ extracts."
    By : Derf Bell (results may vary)
  • "I have always been skeptical of pain relief, since nothing seemed to work- Until Hemp Aid Pain Spray. Within minutes, I noticed a significant reduction in pain in my knee, and was able to walk without limping."
    By : Joey MacNeil (results may vary)

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